What Turns You On About A VR Pornstar? Eye Contact, Dirty Talking, Mouth Kissing, Face Close-Up or Ear Whispering?

Blondie Fesser
Blondie Fesser

Gender: female

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: blond

Height: 5' 3" - 160 cm

Ethnicity: Latina

Country: Argentina

Official Site: Visit Site

What makes Virtual Reality movies so magical is that they’re being shot with extreme wide-angle lenses usually on GoPro’s. Short lenses make average-sized breasts look amazing, and huge boobs become magnificent melons. It’s like getting motorboated by Sophia Vergara every time. Virtual Reality is one of those seeing-is-believing technologies, that are hard to explain but you instantly fall in love with when given the opportunity to test-drive. And let’s be clear I’m talking about VR porn here not just AR. This ain’t Pokemon Go. If you’re on the hunt for JizzlyPuff, keep moving, there’s nothing to see for you here. Blondie Fesser’s juggs were made to be seen (or rather “experienced”) in your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive goggles. Mobile VR is fun for newbies, sure, but tethered headgear undoubtedly takes the cake. VR is finally delivering on the promise that old-fashioned 3D broke many decades ago and this busty Argentinan babe not only fills your field of vision with the most astounding pair of breasts but also with her peachy and highly VR-compatible butt-cheeks. Said boobs (which landed Blondie steady employment in the adult industry) will burn themselves onto the back of your skull if you’re a big-tit worshipper.

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