What Turns You On About A VR Pornstar? Eye Contact, Dirty Talking, Mouth Kissing, Face Close-Up or Ear Whispering?

Mia Little
Mia Little

Gender: female

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: black

Height: 5' 1" - 155 cm

Ethnicity: Asian

Country: United States

Official Site: Visit Site

Mia Little is one of the top Asian honeys in porn today. Her ancestry is Filipina but she wants you to know that she is not a traditional submissive Asian woman. It was always a problem with her family, but she has certainly found her place here in VR! She got into the porn business because it was the summer after she graduated college and she was bored. She wanted to make money but you know how hard it can be to get a good paying job at an entry-level. Some agents contacted her and helped her launch a great porn career and she’s never looked back. In an interview online, Mia said that her favorite thing about sex is to be teased and take it slow. She likes to have the tension build up to a raucous good time. One interesting fact about her is that Mia thinks her pussy is particularly small. For that reason she doesn’t need a huge dick. She likes a 7 inch cock at the most, but she will definitely go bigger if that’s what the job calls for! Mia’s ultimate sexual fantasy would be to have an orgy, but not a gang bang. Not that she has anything against gang bangs – she would love that too – she just wants to have an orgy with 3 guys and 3 girls, and it would be like a free for all for everyone involved. When she is not making porn she loves to get outside. She is a rock climber so she enjoys going anywhere there is something she can climb. It is obvious that she is all about fitness — she has a great body and spends a lot of time working on it. She also knows how to play the ukulele and loves to play it in her spare time. Mia also knows her way around the kitchen and would frequently bring delicious homemade baked treats to share with us all here in the Talent Office. She really can do it all!

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